Daily Horoscope, March 3, 2021: Sagittarius Govt Employees Likely To Get Promotion; Know About Your Sun Sign

Aries: All works will be completed successfully today with the help of teamwork. So do not remain under stress with regard to the burden of responsibilities. There is no need to be worried if there is a problem with regard to the budget. The condition will be favourable soon. Keep a close watch on the official data or else you may incur losses. The businessmen may form new business relationships. The youth should develop good relations with their friends. This time is extremely valuable for the students. If you are a sugar patient then do not remain empty stomach for a long time during the night hours. There can be differences between the family members on any issue. Try to work while maintaining restrain.

Taurus: Try to enhance your qualities today while making good use of time. The guidance of seniors will be helpful in the work field. Do not deal rudely with anyone under ego. If you are working in partnership then try to understand the views of the other party as well. The youth while using technology must stay away from its misuse or else they may have to deal with the problem of cyber-attack or data leak. Stay alert with regard to heart related diseases. If your father is ill or ageing then give full time to his service.  The family may witness the arrival of guests and this will keep the mind happy.

Gemini: Your brain will work very fast today. So, try to finish new plans and old pending works on time. The traders are expected to get good returns. If you are thinking of increasing your business then it is the opportune time. The youth need to find better future opportunities with regard to their career. The students will get proper guidance from their teachers. With regard to health, there is a possibility of ear pain today. Consult the doctor if there is a problem or else the problem may get serious. The day is apt for purchasing electronic goods but it will be beneficial to give priority to the daily needs.

Cancer: Remain stress free today without thinking too much. The stress will come down if the day is spent with fun and the body will remain energised. You will become a source of inspiration for subordinates at workplace. So do not consider the responsibilities assigned by your boss as a burden. It will also a successful day for those working in government departments. Those indulging in plastic business may suffer losses. Stay alert with regard to dehydration. The youth must keep an eye on their rivals too to achieve success in their career. Have liquid diet to ensure there is no lack of water in the body. The guidance of elders must be sought with regard to family problems.

Leo: Give yourself time today while keeping the work pressure at bay. The people associated with the IT sector can get new projects today through which they will get promotion and financial benefits. Those associated with the stationary business are going to get good profits. The youth must remain alert with regard to vehicle accidents. Someone may get serious injuries due to you. You will be the favourite of all when it comes to fulfilling relationships. So do not hurt anyone even by mistake. You will get the support of your brother and sister. There may be some concern regarding the health of your mother. If you are planning a trip somewhere then give priority to visiting a religious place.

Virgo: You will require today the assistance of the people necessary to compete the tasks. So, do not be livid with any colleague. If you are going on a journey then leave the house only after worshipping Lord Ganesha. The day will be good for those doing food and drink business but do not compromise on cleanliness and quality. The youth will get a chance to participate in competitive events. Try to ensure success by giving your best performance. Take special care of yourself if you are admitted in the hospital due to health related problems. Spend time with your family as this will deepen the relationship.

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Libra: The time has now come to make better plans for the future. Do not get into any dispute with a female colleague at workplace. Action may be initiated against you. Those doing gold, silver and metal trade must not compromise on the quality or else this may affect your livelihood courtesy deterioration in your credibility. Do not take too much stress of your work or else its effect will be visible with a decline in your health condition. There will be progress in the career of your life-partner. The plans to begin a career will be successful. If the family is making some investment plans then give priority to land and not house.

Scorpio: Keep the contacts strong today. It is presently very important for you. Those associated with the media will get an opportunity to perform well.  Those doing telecommunications business will be able to meet the target with ease. It will also benefit them financially. The students must not consider their current struggle as failure. Make consistent efforts. Those having tobacco and mouth fresheners must be aware of mouth related problems. Spend full time with your life-partner and do be negligent when it comes to providing the important items they require. Stay alert with regard to the health of the elderly.

Sagittarius: The day is extremely useful for you. So, use it only in important tasks. The people working in government departments are likely to get promotions. There is a possibility that the target may increase for those working in the private industry. You may have to invest despite the decline in business. So, prepare yourself financially. The asthma patients will be in trouble. The arthritis patients may suffer from pain. The money saved for years may have to be invested for some work today. Take decision will full caution looking at the future possibilities.

Capricorn: Do not answer anybody’s question in anger today. Being emotional at workplace may spoil work. The day will be auspicious for export traders. There is a need to be careful regarding investments. Be aware of business legal matters. Ensure all documents are completed as per the standard. If you do not likely to study then it will be good to take proper rest. Be aware of skin related allergies and try to prevent it by taking proper medicines from the doctors. If it’s an important day for someone in the house then you may gift something to him. The family members can also go on an outing together.

Aquarius: Do not bring any tension in your mind today. There will be a need to exhibit excellence in office. Business plans will be made with friends. Be mentally prepared to keep yourself strong. The traders must not show haste while finalizing important deals. Take decisions based on the advice and guidance of seniors. The students will be able to achieve success on the basis of their intelligence. There is a high probability of an accident. Maintain restrain while driving. Follow all traffic rules and laws. Do not be haste when it comes to taking family decisions. Your parents may get livid on your mistakes.

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Pisces: Your relationship with others will be harmonious today and this will benefit you in near future.  The atmosphere of discontent in office will disturb you mentally. The retail traders will have to find a way out to the current economic problems or else there may be a problem in fulfilling future needs. The youth must not get into the dispute of others. Do not bring anger or indecency in your language. Carelessness in food habits may cause health related problems. The day will be spent happily with the family members. There is also a possibility of meeting friends living in far away places. 


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