Eminem – a good singer with a strange habit

Rapper Eminem is an immensely talented singer as being one of the most liked singers who keep themselves persistently relevant in pop culture, he keeps his private life away from the media fanfare.

The 48-year-old Marshall Mathers mostly keeps his private life away from the limelight. Accordingly, his fans want to know more about him letting journalists’ prying eyes dig up more for them.

During an interview, Eminem wrote some rapper lines when the interviewer requested him to. During an interview with Rolling Stone, the reclusive star unfolded that he is crazy about a particular beverage. He had previously been a habitual of hard substances, according to a source close to him.

However, Eminem has been reportedly sober since 2008 as he celebrated his twelve years of sobriety on social media in 2020.

During a 2011 interview at the singer’s recording studio, the Rolling Stone journalist found Eminem obsessed with the diet soda as he guzzles it.

The rapper believes that aspartame does not exist in Diet Coke in fountains the same way they do in the cans. That’s why he does not go for the bottled stuff. But, this is a myth, according to Food Navigator.

Eminem obsessively visits his Diet Coke fountain in the studio’s lobby, said the journalist, adding sometimes he forgets he has already filled a full cup only a short while ago.

The journalist also noted that drinking soda so much meant Marshall Mathers was taking bathroom breaks multiple times.


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