Kaley Cuoco touches on her ‘scary risks’ with taking up ‘The Flight Attendant’

Kaley Cuoco touches on her ‘scary risks’ with taking up ‘The Flight Attendant’

Comedy sitcom star Kaley Cuoco sheds light on her decision to take a risk with The Flight Attendant because “I don’t believe anyone would have hired me.”

The star got candid during her interview with Metro UK and was quoted saying, “Going into Flight Attendant, I was not trying to pretend Big Bang Theory never happened and I’m going to be this new actor.”

“In fact, I actually thought I would do a sitcom again, I wasn’t against it. The Flight Attendant was just something that was the right project at the right time.”

However, Cuoco knew she possessed the talent to bring the character to life with her own production company Norman Productions.

“I was taking a risk, because I don’t believe in my heart that someone would have hired me to play this role. I could have auditioned, and I might have even given the audition of my life; I don’t think someone would have given me this role. So I wanted to prove that I can actually do more and that I love it. And it was a risk that I’m glad that I took.”

“I was pretty sick to my stomach the night before the show aired just because it was my baby. I started this thing so long ago, and you want everyone to like your baby.

“Coming off such a successful show, I knew people were going to judge this and question my decision. By the way, it wouldn’t have mattered what choice I had made, it was going to be – not looked down upon, but questioned.

“I also early on really decided in my heart that I could not compare anything to Big Bang, and that released me because Big Bang was so specific and special; that whole situation, that’s not going to be compared. We can’t compare anything to that so it did give me little freedom.”

“But I went through a lot of ups and downs. There were days where I’m like, “Oh man, like, people are gonna love this”, and then there were days where I would literally cry myself to sleep, wishing I had never ever found the book. “What am I thinking? Oh, my God!”


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