Sana Khan Is Handling Her Work Life After Marriage Like This

Former actor and Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan surprised her fans as she married Surat-based businessman Maulana Anas Saiyad on November 20 in an intimate ceremony. Now a video of her has come out in which she is telling how she is managing her work by staying in Surat.

Times of India posted a video in which Sana is seen with her husband Anas. In this, she tells us that when she is in Surat, she sees her work through the phone. At the same time, when she has to come to Mumbai, her husband Anas handles the work through phone. She said, ‘her and her husband’s work is going on like this.’

Sana surprised everyone by marrying Anas at the end of the year 2020. She has shared many pictures with Anas on his social media account. In a post, she wrote that she wanted to make the year 2020 a special one. She fulfilled this dream with Anas. She thanked Anas and said, 'Thank you for making me a part of my life. I will fully participate in this marriage and this relationship with you.'

She had said in an interview, 'She has taken a very careful decision to marry Anas.' SHe said, 'I have prayed for years for a person like Anas. He is a very decent person. He does not talk about anything. He told me once, if something fell into the gutter if you pour clean water on it 10 times, it is not clean. But if you remove it from the gutter and pour a glass of water, it becomes clean. This thing has won my heart.'

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