Yog Yatra With Baba Ramdev: Benefits of Kapalbhati pranayam & the right way to do it

Watch the show Yog Yatra with Baba Ramdev to know the benefits of Kapalbhati pranayam & the right way to do it

Yoga helps to beautify skin. Practising yoga daily is beneficial and helps eliminate toxins from your body through sweating, breath-workout and poses which detoxify the body and increase blood circulation

Pranayama helps in increasing the capacity of the lungs and boosts your immunity to fight lung diseases. Practicing Kapalbhati helps in relieving shortness of breath, congestion in the chest and clears mucus in the air passage. Ujjayi, Shitali and Anulom Vilom are some other Pranayama techniques that will help in keeping your lungs healthy.



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