You Will Be Considered Older Than You Are In Real In Greece & South Korea – Know Why

New Delhi: A British woman living in Greece was in for a surprise as she got to know how living the country makes her a year older than she would be elsewhere. In a video posted on TikTok, Suzie Young revealed about it.

She began the video by saying, “Hi, I’m Suzie, I’m a Brit living in Greece and today I learned that I’m a year older in Greece than I am in the UK”.

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“When babies are born in Greece, they are classed immediately as being one year old. So, what we would normally class as being your first birthday is actually – like – you become two here. So, I’m a year older,” she adds.

The system perhaps counts in the 9 months during which a baby is in their mother’s womb, however, that won’t make much sense since that’s still not exactly a year.

The video gained significant attention but is her information the whole truth? It is actually up for a debate as a few users in the comment section said that it wasn’t followed by everyone. “Only a few people [in Greece] count birthdays that way, and we make fun of them. You are the same age, don’t worry,” a comment read.

A user revealed that this happens in South Korea also, writing: “Ah, that happens in Korea too. I’m 17 in the UK but in Korea, I am 19.”

In Korea, a person’s age is counted as one at the time of birth. Also, people get a year added to their Korean Age on New Year’s Day, not on their birthday. So for example: if a baby is born on New Year’s Eve in Korea, they turn two on New Year’s Day. This system makes people a lot older numerically than their real age.

But this is restricted for social interaction only as the legal age is still based on the age system observed worldwide.

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