Cardi-B reveals her new ambition

Cardi-B has given some hints about her new ambition, saying   she wants to launch her own app.

The stunning rap star shared the news on Twitter about her new ambition, but she  didn’t explain how her planned app would work.

The 28-year-old chat-topping star expressed her desire in an amazing way, saying: “Ughhhhh I need my own app .”

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker’s 16 million followers have been excited since she broke the  news and spoke about her approach to success in her plan.

She added: “Trust the process don’t mean a couple of months or a couple of weeks .Its when your perfect your plans to reach your goals .”

The singer has also been a vocal critic of Donald Trump  in recent months, slamming him as an ineffectual leader.

Cardi-B posted the statement shortly after revealing that she’ll continue to speak her mind on social media.

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