Cole Sprouse shares interesting facts about his massive crush on Jennifer Aniston

Cole Sprouse shared new details about his huge crush on Jennifer Aniston, revealing he found it ‘difficult’ filming ‘Friends’ because he was teased teased by the crew on the set.

 Cole played Ben, the young son of Ross (David Schwimmer), on the hit sitcom when he was eight-years-old. Ross was in an on/off relationship over the years with Jennifer’s character Rachel Green.

The actor, who is best known nowadays for playing Jughead Jones, reminisced a little about some of his earliest roles during his appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday. 

He revealed why he had a particularly hard time working on hit sitcom  ‘Friends’, saying: “I was a child. “I would stammer a lot, and I would forget my lines.”

“I feel like I’d maintain my composure a bit more effectively now, but it was quite difficult when I was a kid,” he added. 

“I was teased a little bit by the crew, because they saw it. I would just forget, and be looking at her,” he explained. “But then, the whole world had a crush on Jennifer Aniston.”

Cole received huge applause for his s roles in ‘Friends’, ‘The Suite Life’, and ‘Big Daddy’.

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