Did Zayn Malik reveal his and Gigi Hadid’s daughter’s name in his new album?

British singer Zayn Malik parked a frenzy after releasing his new album, Nobody Is Listening.

And while fans swooned over his melodious vocals and catchy beats, some eagle-eyed devotees couldn’t help but notice that the singer may have dropped some hints for his fans about his and Gigi Hadid’s daughter’s name.

As the couple has decided to keep all information regarding their first child strictly under wraps, fans were convinced that the Pillow Talk crooner may have slipped in a hint about the much-adored four-month-old baby’s name in his 11-track album.

Soon after, fans started throwing in wild guesses about the baby’s name.

“Zayn’s baby’s name is calamity,” wrote one fan referring to the single of his new album.

“Tbh i think zayn’s daughter’s name is river or something close to it. if i’m right, i WILL scream,” added another.

“Me listening to Zayn’s new album trying to find any cryptic lyrics to what the kid is called,” a third chimed in.


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