Kate Middleton’s royal title in danger as Charles refuses to make Camilla Queen

Kate Middleton to give up hopes of becoming the Queen if Camilla not given the same title

There is darkness looming over Kate Middleton’s royal title as the Queen consort of England, with a crucial decision lying in the hands of Prince Charles.

As revealed by royal historian Marlene Koenig, if Charles does not make wife Camilla the Queen, Kate will also have to give up all hopes of becoming the consort to the King of England.

Explaining the matter, Koening said, “I find it personally ridiculous. I think it would sort a terrible precedent: for example if Camilla is Princess Consort then why should Catherine be Queen consort?

“I find it very telling that Queen Elizabeth II made an announcement a couple of years naming Camilla and William to The Privy Council.

“There’s a very good reason for that in the case of Camilla that makes it possible that she will be present at The Accession Council when Charles is proclaimed King. Why shouldn’t she be Queen?” Koenig asked.

She added that if Camilla is only the Princess Consort, then Kate will also retire from all royal duties as the Duchess only, when William becomes King.


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