Meghan Markle, Prince Harry blocked by Netflix over anti-royal shows

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have signed a lucrative deal with Netflix but that hardly means they get control over anti-royal shows.

Following the frenzy that was unleashed by The Crown recently, many had been at outs with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for signing a deal with a company that has produced anti-royal shows.

Some, on the other hand, suggested that this could give them a chance to control the narrative of these shows in favour of the monarchy.

However, that talk has now been put to rest as the streaming giant has blocked the couple from having any control on any shows apart from the ones the two produce themselves.

According to The Sun, the pair will not be consulted about shows that they may see as “anti-Royal or have negative connotations for their wider family and friends”.

A Netflix source told the portal the company has a “relatively easy negotiation with the Sussexes.”

“The Sussexes were more concerned and consumed about their own image and ideas rather than what else was being screened on Netflix,” said the insider.

“The subject of The Crown was brought up, but the service has always stood firm that they leave the editorial of that show to film makers Leftbank and show creator Peter Morgan and unless a legal matter, there is no interference,” they went on to say.

“The Duke and Duchess did not fight over this, which may be seen by some as odd given the next time period the show will cover,” they added.

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