Opinion: KGF & Baahubali Did What Even Rajini Couldn’t

The stage was set for the launch of the teaser of the much-awaited KGF: Chapter 2 on the actor Yash’s birthday January 8. Things didn’t go as planned as the teaser was leaked online. Despite that, ‘KGF’s’ official teaser crossed 50 million views and got 1 million likes in span a few hours.

The teaser looks so ‘Shandaar’, I believe the film will definitely turn out to be a masala entertainer just like the first one. The magic of Yash is definitely working on Bollywood buffs as many users, visibly North India, have expressed their excitement on Twitter regarding the upcoming movie.

How did we arrive to such a situation when Rocky Bhai is almost overshadowing Salman Bhai? Let us reel it back a bit.

Jai Mahishmati! Emergence of the new cult

When SS Rajamouli announced the launch of ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, he must have intended to change the face of Indian cinema or else such a saga is tough to weave. The magnum opus surpassed all the expectations and raked in big moolah at the national box office even when it was not a Bollywood flick.

Truth be told, many people think of Bollywood whenever Indian cinema is discussed. Thankfully, Rajamouli made a difference as his ambitious project became a game changer.

Rajinikanth did bridge the North-South gap with ‘Robot’ in 2010 but his other films have not resonated well with the Bollywood audience. Despite the universal appeal and hype, Thalaiva has not been able to strike a chord with the audience in the Hindi market.

Kamal Haasan, who also enjoys a significant fan following, did deliver hits but he also couldn’t create hype in the Bollywood market which is now generated by Prabhas and Yash starrer flicks.

Franchise Formula Worked Wonders

The saga of Mahishmati kingdom received a mind-boggling response at the box office. The movie not only left the audience impressed but also managed to create suspense over the death of the protagonist Baahubali.

‘Kattappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Maara (Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?)’, a perennial question that plagued the fans for two years, was finally answered in ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’.

Those who watched the movie discussed it, trolled it, meme-rized it and did not mind waiting for two long years to know the answer. Word-of-mouth publicity was more powerful to develop the franchise as the buzz around second part of ‘Baahubali’ was unprecedented.

Similarly, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ has many waiting for the story continuity and have movie buffs on hook. Movie goers are looking forward to seeing the face-off between Rocky and Adheera in ‘KGF: Chapter 2’.

A Visual Delight

Both ‘Baahubali’ and ‘KGF’ took the cake when it came to grandeur and amazing visual effects. The two films are monumentally spectacular. And mind you, exhaustive VFX work has created troubles for many films and it is a nightmare for the producers as it delays the project. The two mentioned films managed to leave a reverberating impact with the surreal action sequences.

How can one even forget about the epic battle scenes in ‘Baahubali’? The makers of KGF: Chapter 1′ also left the audience awestruck with the cinematography of the Kolar Gold Fields. Guess what? It was pure VFX. The movie bagged the award for Best Special Effects at 66th National Film Awards. This speaks for itself.

More Emphasis On Story Than Star Power

While Thalaiva is the ultimate superstar, many of his recent films have relied on his star power to attract the audience. Be it ‘Darbaar’ or ‘Petta’, Rajinikanth’s last few movies have not been able to perform well in the Hindi speaking belt.

Rajini sir’s work will never fade; however, the onus lies on the director and writer to deliver something new. Kudos to makers of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘KGF’ for raising the bar in terms of storyline and plot.

Action With A Twist

We all have grown up watching action-packed Bollywood films with all the ‘Dishoom-Dishoom’ and ‘Maar-dhaar’. However, as of late, Hindi cinema has been delivering action movies which have turned out to be snooze-fests.

This is where both SS Rajamouli and Prashanth Neel have to be applauded. Our own Baahubali lifted a heavy lingam on his shoulders with ease in the film while Rocky bhai left the audience awestruck with his jaw-dropping action sequences. The two directors knew the pulse and interest of the audience and they delivered accordingly.

And here comes the best part. The most exciting aspect of both the films was not action but drama. Both the films have memorable characters, who will continue to remain alive in the hearts of the audience even after several years.

Innovative Promotional Strategies

At a time when the attention span has become shorter, it is very important to promote the film well. ‘Baahubali’ and ‘KGF’ were backed by big production houses, who left no stone unturned to market their respective projects in Hindi heartland and other territories. After all, ‘Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai’.

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet on ‘Baahubali’ encapsulates the environment beautifully on the emergence of new South India stars ruling the Bollywood fans.

“Like world was divided into BC and AD (before death of Christ and after) Indian cinema is going to be BB and AB (before Bahubali and after),” RGV said it all in his tweet.

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