Prince Charles unfit to be King, claims royal expert

Despite Prince Charles prepping to take over the British throne, it seems that he is not fit to be king.

According to royal expert Clive Irving, in the event Charles became the king, he would most likely “drive the monarchy over a cliff” as there are stark differences between the Queen and her son.

“The Queen seems more modern than Charles. She’s very much timeless, whereas Charles is an 18th-century figure. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t try to impose his taste on other people.”

He pointed out that the differences between mother and son could very well define the way Charles handles the monarchy.

“She understood from the word go, when she became queen in 1952, that you have to sustain the mystery.”

“The person is not the point, the Crown is the point, the institution is the point.”

The expert insisted that this “mystery” is what kept the monarchy solidified unlike Charles who has been expressive of his feelings in the past.

“We don’t know her opinions on anything, we don’t really know her feelings on anything.”

“People may tell you how she feels, but they don’t really know.”

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