Princess Diana was a ‘very, very shy’ royal, reveals her dresser Dame Zandra Rhodes

Princess Diana’s dresser Dame Zandra Rhodes gushed over  Princess Diana, saying it was a dream to work with her .

The  80-year-old  designer recalled the moments  of working with Prince Harry and Prince Wlliam’s mom, saying she  was worried about outfits ‘falling open’ and being photographed at the ‘wrong angle’.

The late royal was ‘very, very shy’ and cautious about  her outfits, revealed the fashion designer in conversation with The Observer.

Dame Zandra – who dressed Princess Diana as well as a host of stars from Shirley Bassey to Nicole Richie – gave a glimpse into the pressure the princess found herself under.

She  revealed: “I made her white wrap dress, and she said she needed to know that it wouldn’t fall open and show her legs if she got out of a car. Because, you can be sure that when I get out of that car, there’ll be people waiting at just the wrong angle to get me.”

Zandra is a renowned  fashion and textile designer. She designed garments for Diana Princess of Wales and numerous celebrities.

The fashion icon, who is famous for her pink hair,  also discussed her lockdown cancer Said: ‘When I was diagnosed, it didn’t upset me, it made me pull my life together.’

During her interview, Dame Zandra Rhodes  shared her ambitions to work with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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