WATCH | Elephants Unable To Jump Overcome Obstacle In A Really Cute Way

New Delhi: While elephants appear to be beautiful and intimidating at the same time because of their huge size, many are not aware of the fact that the ‘jumbo’ cannot jump. ALSO READ | Believe It Or Not! Astronomers Observe Distant Galaxy Dying As It Loses Its Fuel

A video is being widely shared on Twitter as people get to witness how two elephants overcome their obstacle of not being able to jump over a slope in an interesting way.

Sharing the video, Susanta Nanda wrote: “Elephants can’t jump. And this is how they negotiate the sharp drop”.

While the first elephant used patience, balance and stability to cross the slope, what the second one does is cute and funny at the same time.

The second one lays down and rolls over the slope to be able to cross it. Several users commented writing how adorable the rumble and tumble is.

This shows how elephants are not just about their size and strength but also possess creativity and intelligence for problem-solving.

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