WATCH| Heartwarming Indeed! This 11-Yr-Old Pakistan Kid’s Response About India Will Make Your Day

While India and Pakistan are still trying to keep peace, harmony, and love among each other, the world has entitled that the only relationship both countries can have is hatred. But there are some who shatter this hypothesis and show how both India and Pakistan are connected by the string of humanity.

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We have seen many incidents of Indians and Pakistanis looking out for each other, this 11-year-old Pak kid’s views about India will warm your heart. The 11-year-old featured in YouTuber Karl Rock’s latest video and has garnered much appreciation from both countries.

YouTuber Karl Rock is known for his travel content based in India and Southeast Asia. Currently, Rock is travelling across Pakistan, what he calls ‘pre-partitioned India’. He is meeting several of his fans while travelling across the country. In one such meeting in Lahore, Rock met an 11-year-old Pakistani boy named Zakiyas or Zack.

Zack and his father have a casual conversation over a hearty meal of Hareesa. The duo ends up talking about the food and culture of Pakistan. Another interesting topic that Rock discusses with the boy is ‘India’.

Rock is currently based in India and is married to an Indian woman, and when he asks Zack about India, the boy responds that he has some friends there. He also mentions that his father visited India a couple of times, the last one being six years ago when he went to Amritsar.

Rock also asks the boy what he thinks of India, the boy says “There are good and bad people everywhere. So we cannot judge anyone.” Won over by the respond, Rock says “Haan, saahi baat hai.” (Yes, that is correct.)

Rock also mentions that in the time he has been in Pakistan, he has met several people who have visited India, whether for tourism, conferences or to meet family. He mentions that it’s not usually “the other way though,” and not many Indian people he knows have visited Pakistan. He also appeals to his subscribers that they should definitely come and visit Pakistan and see the place for themselves.

“The maturity level and purity in him shines through,” Rock said in the comments section of the video.

Looking at Zack’s responses and his easy to go attitude in front of the camera, Rock suggested he should use his youtube channel to spread knowledge about Pakistan’s culture. What do think, tell us in the comment section!

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